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  • The Romanian School of Inner Alchemy

    All basic certification programs consist of three simple steps
    1. Attending a class and learning one of the BASIC level inner alchemy courses listed below.
    2. Personal committed daily practice for at least 2 months.
    3. Retake the same class as a guide in training and take a practical and oral evaluation with Andrew Fretwell or a Senior Tao Guide from the Romanian School

    All Intermediate and Advanced Level certification programs consist of 80 hours live instruction (2 Five-day retreats, or 5 weekends) or equivalent hours in apprenticeship with Andrew Fretwell or Senior Tao Guide with The Romanian School.

    Certification Levels

    Sharing Level: (Love of WuJi Gong plus 2 months personal daily practice)

    Inner Alchemy Basic Certifications

    Inner Smile & Microcosmic Orbit
    Bone Breathing
    WuJi Gong Basic Course
    Pangu Mystical Qi Gong
    The 9 Cosmic Spirals & 5 Element Chanting
    Deep Earth Pulsing & The 6 Healing Sounds
     Inner Alchemy Intermediate Certifications
    Red Dragon Spinning Pearl Microcosmic Orbit
    Structural Rooting and Internal Qi Breathing
    Fusion of 5 Elements: Emotional Alchemy
    Fusion of 8 Forces: Psychic Alchemy
    Tao Sexual Alchemy
    Tai Chi Qigong
    Tendon and Bone Marrow Neigong

     Inner Alchemy Immortal Certifications

    Sexual Inner Alchemy
    Sun-Moon-Earth: Ancestor Alchemy
    Planet & Sun: Soul Alchemy
    Star Oversoul Alchemy
    Heaven & Earth Alchemy
    Human & Tao Pure Love Alchemy


    OFT Original Feeling Touch – Deep Body Love application of Chi Nei Tsang
    (Has its own certification structure see www.oft-touch.com for more details)
    OFT Guide (All qualified OFT Guides have certified and trained in the basic inner alchemy courses.)
    OFT Teacher
    OFT Trainer
    (All OFT Teachers & Trainers have certified in at least two Intermediate and/or Advanced level Inner Alchemy courses.)