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  • The European School of WuJi Gong and Inner Alchemy

    One of the goals we have for our students at the European School of WuJi Gong and Inner Alchemy is to nurture and develop a state of freedom known as Individuation.

    This refers to a process whereby the many different aspects of your life – your dreams, your relationships, your health, your finances, your spirituality – are brought together into an integrated harmony.

    Human beings spend their whole lives searching and longing for this integrated harmony and when you start to taste it inside yourself you will know.

    How will you know?

    The first thing you will recognize will be more peace and acceptance of yourself. There will be less self-judgement and more appreciation of your uniqueness. You can expect this with your first 100 days of committed practice of WuJi Gong.

    Taoist Inner Alchemy and WuJi Gong are the meditation and movement aspects of an ancient spiritual science. The European School has as its mission to make these wonderful spiritual tools available to you. They can help each of us to speed up the process of unfolding our Natural Path.

    Alchemy is the ancient term for the natural way to speed up evolution. It allows us to more easily and quickly merge with Nature and the formless Oneness of the Tao, while preserving our individual will and responsibility for shaping creation

    The rest of the more advanced courses at the school are designed to take you deeper and deeper into this process of individuation and merging with the Tao.

    How long will it take me?

    A committed  daily practice of wuji gong will noticeably improve all areas of your life, most people notice real improvement often after the first two weeks of practice.

    It takes 7 years to renew every cell in your body this is the amount of time you should allow yourself to bring your life into the state of individuation, that meets and balances all your needs, not just your personality but your souls needs for growth and evolution as well.

    All of our courses are designed to lead you step by step so you feel more and more this state of individuation.

    In our School we focus on real results inside of you that you can test out in the experiment of your own unique life. If your spirituality does not deeply integrate into your daily life then we believe something is fundamentally missing.

    The school curriculum is designed to guide you step by step to more and more integration and fulfilment. This is not a quick fix but a dedicated dive into unfolding your highest destiny hidden inside the mystery and challenges of your life

    If you are currently feeling that much more is possible for you in your life and your committed to your own growth and evolution, the possibility for transformation and far more personal fulfilment is virtually unlimited with a daily practice of WuJi Gong and a commitment to follow the more advanced inner alchemy formulas that the School offers

    Come and discover what thousands of others all around the world have already discovered that WuJi Gong is a simple but extremely powerful gift from life for connecting human beings with their unique highest destiny.

    With Love Andrew Fretwell  Founder and Educational Director
    The European School of WuJi Gong & Inner Alchemy