November South Africa

    5 Day Inner Sexual Alchemy with retreat with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell. Dates and venue to be announced

      * Experience a higher spiritual level of sexual practice inside your body: “self-intercourse” between your inner male and inner female

      * Produce within yourself the Golden Elixir, the divine seed-egg of our Immortal Embryo, that will mature into our Inner Sage.

    Learn the difference between mind enlightenment and spiritual immortality.

      * Acquire the power to change yourself at the genetic level of your deep jing (essence) within the bone marrow and blood. Opens possibility to heal chronic illness at the pre-natal (= stem cell) level, including genetically inherited diseases.

      * Resolve the deep and universal human identity crisis: the split between male and female mind-bodies. Complete lifetimes of unfinished sexual relationships

      * Shift your functional level of consciousness to include your formless Soul.

      * Open pathways of communication between three dimensions of the whole self: the Original Spirit, the pre-natal soul, and your post-natal (physical) self.

    Copou Gardens, Iasi, ROMANIA

    The "summer season" in the open started on June 15, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 pm and will close in mid September. The general label of our practice is "From energetic gymnastics to inner alchemy" and is organized in three cycles. The Monday class has just started the second cycle. Most of he others have gone through all three and are in consolidation and refinement stage. The "Wuji Gong Day" is Friday and it will start on 19 June, just before the summer solstice!!!
    Call : +40747075955

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