Hormone Balancing for Women, Johannesburg, South Africa, 15 May 2021

    How to balance your hormones and live vibrantly. We invite you to this powerful self-healing workshop, ideal for any women who experience symptoms of hormonal imbalances related to their cycle or to menopause.
    Our menstrual cycle is a powerful and sensitive feedback system, which responds quickly and effectively with regular practice (as little as 10 minutes a day) of the techniques you will learn in this workshop.
    Date: Saturday 15 May 2021
    Time: 2pm - 5pm
    Investment: R350 pp
    Venue: Namaskar Wellness Hub, Lonehill
    What to bring: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water bottle
    Enquiries: contact Robyn on +27 79 356 9639
    What you will learn:
    Learn to balance the hormonal system by activating the natural healing capacity of the body. The focus of the workshop will be on teaching you powerful self-healing techniques from the Taoist tradition:
    • Hormonal Self Massage, to activate and nourish the entire glandular system and generate a very balanced hormonal state
    • Taoist Bone Breathing – by learning to breathe into the bones, we are able to take this very balanced hormonal energy and spread it throughout the entire body, which begins to heal the body on a very deep level.
    With regular practice, these techniques together quickly and effectively begin to resolve many issues related with hormonal imbalance. Many women, myself included, have healed their menstrual related issues through this practice.
    The practice is simple to learn, deeply relaxing, and easy and enjoyable to practice.
    Symptoms connected with hormonal imbalance:
    Painful/irregular periods, PMS, mood swings, low mood, fatigue, food cravings, sleep issues, gut issues, depression, anxiety, low libido, low bone density, acne, and so much more, can all be connected with hormonal imbalances. Most of us living in the world today have some level of hormonal imbalance.
    Other benefits of this practice:
    Other benefits of the practice include: powerful stress reduction, strengthening the bones (improves bone density), boosting immunity (increases production of red and white blood cells), healing insomnia, enhancing energy. The practice leaves one feeling much more grounded and present in daily life.
    Through the practice of Bone Breathing, we learn to awaken the substance (Jing) deep within the bone marrow (this is where we store the stem cells that produce our blood, hormonal precursors, and many elements of the immune system) and circulate it as Qi flow within the bones. This is one of the most powerful things we can do for our health.
    Your facilitator
    Robyn Engelbrecht is a holistic wellness guide who has been on a spiritual and wellness path for the last 12 years. Out of her own journey back to health, has arisen her passion for helping others discover their body’s natural healing capacity. She is certified to teach Bone Breathing through her Taoist teacher, Andrew Kenneth Fretwell of the International School of Inner Alchemy
    Call : +27793569639